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The Mugging up Project   

 I created various mug designs from the image of the letters from a Korean word, ‘바다’, meaning ‘sea’ in English. I designed the handle form based on the geometrical images from the letters. The handle has an interesting function: the weight of the handle is much heavier than the body of the mug, so the edge of the handle always touches a table before you pour any liquid into the mug; however, if you pour something inside, the body of the mug becomes heavier than the handle which will be lifted up accordingly. In this way, you can notice whether something is inside of the mug cup or not by just looking at the position of the handle.


These five different mugs are a part of the mugging up project. I made them with different hand building skills such as throwing wheel and coiling skills. The color and pattern of the works came from sea images. I tried to create various forms of mug in different ways far from the other previous works that also deal with the idea of sea.