Tracing the history of Korean Ceramics by light

My work illustrates the rise and fall of the history of Korean ceramics, particularly from the late nineteenth century to present. The aim of this works is to visualize the historical traces of Korean ceramics in each period, which is described with hammering marks as foot prints and lighting effect. 

Through this work, I hope that the audience reconsiders the value and position of Korean ceramics in the past and modern times. Each flower-like part was originally inspired by the shape of knot that becomes a guide revealing the specific condition of the ceramic art in Korea while connecting each different period in a broad historical spectrum. 

This lighting object presents two different meanings: with lighting, the audience can see the hammering marks on the surface, which is a metaphoric expression for the traces searching for the history of Korean ceramics; without lighting, the audience can see the five difference colours of the knots – yellow (glory), black (death), white (belief), red (vitality), and blue (new start and hope) – symbolizing the up and down of Korean ceramics.